Shipping & Return

The customer can opt only for one of the transport variants of the purchased products / services, available on the site, at the time of placing the order, regardless of the type of his order. The products are delivered anywhere in the world, through express courier companies, within 7 days. In special cases (the product is not in the supplier’s stock, there are transport difficulties) we reserve the right to extend the delivery period. We are currently working through express courier companies. The price is fixed, 18 lei / package. If the customer is not found at the address mentioned, he will be contacted by phone by the courier company.

The reception of the products represents the customer’s acceptance that the products have arrived in good condition. The invoice constitutes the sale / purchase contract according to the Romanian legislation in force.

The maximum amount of damages that can be paid by to any customer in case of non-delivery or improper delivery is the value of the amount collected by from this customer.

The return of the products can be done in 14 days and the return of the money in the account in maximum 10 working days.